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LGTBI+ Asylum

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To provide LGBTI+ refugees with a safe space to rebuild their lives and facilitate their inclusion. It is also essential to create training and employment opportunities and to reduce isolation. With your support, ACATHI will help people find the best option.

You will contribute to paying a portion of:

Counselling, psychological, legal, social and employment support services for LGBTI+ people in vulnerable situations who need urgent responses.

In more than 70 countries homosexuality is illegal, in as many countries expressing gender in a non-traditional way is punished by society as much as by the authorities. Many LGBTI+ refugees from these countries arrive in Spain every year, when they do they are still not safe.

Like Ivana, a lesbian from Russia, MUKHTAR, a gay man from Morocco, and Silvia a trans woman from El Salvador; because of their sexual orientation and gender identity they have sought asylum in Spain.
Crossing borders has not protected them from LGBTIphobia, due to the difficulties in accessing the Spanish reception system, they have lived on the streets or from couch to couch. On this journey they have been abused, attacked by LGBTIphobes, not receiving support from their compatriots, living in poverty and isolation.

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