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Who we are


ACATHI is an association formed by culturally diverse LGBTQI+ people from different backgrounds, migrants and refugees. A great diversity of identities that form the essence of a strategy that seeks to promote the recognition and inclusion of cultural, sexual and gender diversity, with the aim of preventing and alleviating discrimination and persecution.

“No government has the right to tell its citizens when or whom to love. The only strangers are those who love no one.”

Rita Mae Brown, 1982


To create a world where LGBTI people are safe, free from discrimination, persecution and have equal opportunities in life, including access to employment, training, financial services and housing.


To create opportunities for LGBTI migrants and refugees to realize their potential in life and to create innovative models for social change that are sustainable, scalable and replicable

  • Where It All Started

    A group of LGBTI migrants who were volunteering with different organisations realised the need for special attention for the people who were arriving. So we created an association.

  • Every campaign counts

    Every grain of sand counts, creating a space of welcome and accompaniment helps to improve the quality of life of LGBTI+ migrants and refugees

  • Much more to be achieved

    There is a series of needs that we cannot cover without the help of sensitized people who provide us with economic and other complementary resources

  • All people matter

    People are the experts in their lives and from ACATHI we accompany them in this process to enhance their characteristics and tools.

  • The great movement

    We work for a social transformation oriented to generate inclusive and respectful networks, both formal and informal, with all kinds of diversities.

  • Walking Together

    We want the community to be empowered to understand, accept and respect diversity by generating complicity and accompaniment.

Our Team

These wonderful people make everything possible



From Acathi I can meet many different people, different cultures, with diverse experiences that enrich me.


I am interested in working to improve the situation of LGBTI+ migrants and refugees.


I am interested in making visible, destigmatizing and empowering both cultural and gender diversity, and to be able to work from an intersectional perspective.


My interests are to improve the reception and support for the inclusion of LGBTI+ migrants and refugees.

Our funders

We are a non-profit organization. We’re here to help change things. We have the support of:

We are part of

In order to influence, we believe it is necessary to participate in other platforms and entities

We collaborate with

We work together with other organisations to improve the quality of life of LGBTI+ migrants and refugees

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