Creamos oportunidades para las personas

LGBTI migradas y refugiadas

Somos refugio LGBTI+

Necesitamos tu compromiso


Con 1€ al mes puedes cambiar vidas.


Cambiemos vidas


Las personas refugiadas LGBTI+ necesitan espacios seguros para reconstruir sus vidas

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let's change lives


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The LGBTI+ refugees need safe spaces to rebuild their lives

Creem oportunitats per a les persones

LGBTI migrades i refugiades

Som refugi LGBTI+


el teu compromís


Amb 1€ al mes pots canviar vides


canviem vides


Dóna ara!

Les persones refugiades LGBTI+ necessiten espais segurs per a reconstruir les seves vides

changeons des vies


Donnez maintenant!

Les réfugiés LGBTI+ ont besoin d'espaces sûrs pour reconstruire leur vie

Get to know us

We are made up of culturally diverse LGBTQI+ people from different backgrounds, migrants and refugees.

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If you have arrived in the city or are considering coming in search of a safe place, here you will find the help you need.

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You can devote some of your time and experience to projects that help LGBTIQ+ migrants and refugees

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We organize activities, events aimed at LGBTI+ refugees and people interested in their reality.

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No human being is illegal!

We accompany LGBTI+ migrants and refugees who struggle every day to live better, to regain control of their lives.

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