ACATHI is an association established for persons of different origins, migrants and refugees from the LGBT community. They represent a diverse collection of identities that are the essence of a project that aims to influence and raise awareness of the reality of LGBT asylum seekers, with focuses on justice and human rights.

Multiculturalism and diversity are our corner stones and we work to create inclusive environments to allow people to exercise their rights and freedoms. We believe in teamwork, mutual support and solidarity through equal relationships as tools of personal and collective empowerment. For us, cultural and sexual diversity is an expression of the pluralism of democratic systems. For this reason, we welcome and receive through a dialogue constructed conscientiously by all those involved. In this way we keep the door open to recognising the multiple realities that make up modern society.

What we do

At ACATHI we are focused on three key elements: people, the community and social transformation.

At the closest level we work to empower people, make them aware of their rights and show them how to avoid self-victimisation. As such, amongst other actions, we give support, through the employment process, for those who have sought refuge for having been victims of violence, persecution or discrimination because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

We also want to empower the community to understand, accept and respect diversity, which in turn will generate complicity and sensitivity.

Finally, we work toward social transformation, oriented to generate inclusive and respectful networks made up of every kind of diversity.

We have carried out social action and international cooperation projects, partnership building and the promotion of volunteerism. We have worked in networks with other organisations (both LGBT and migration focussed), trade unions, political parties and NGOs. In short, we maintain active participation at local, provincial, state and international level.

Our Story

ACATHI was born in 2002 on the initiative of several people from the LGBT collective, representing various backgrounds, who saw the need to address the LGBT asylum issue, taking into account diversities of race, ethnicity, origin and language. To that end, they wanted to look in detail at the difficulties that some people have to overcome, in order to enjoy their universally recognised rights.

Throughout this journey, ACATHI has prioritized recognition of diversity and prevention of discrimination by putting the person at the centre. They are the experts of their lives and at ACATHI we accompany them through a process to enhance their own skills and abilities.