Nasij (‘tissue’ or ‘texture’ in Arabic) is a project based in Barcelona designed as a physical and virtual network through which Islamophobia and LGBTIQ phobia can be combatted, while promoting through dialogue, incorporating an inclusive, decolonizing, intersectional, feminist and queer vision of Islam.

Since 2014, the Nasij project has focused, in a transversal way, on issues of sexual diversity and gender, religious diversity and Islam.

Nasij has been constantly adapting to the needs of the changing context in which we find ourselves. With this in mind we have identified the following themes as priorities:

Dismantle Islamophobic and theophobic prejudices and LGBTIQ phobia.

Raise awareness of the right to religious and/or spiritual freedom within the LBGTIQ collective.

To make visible the strategies of activism and resistance by LGBTIQ Muslims.

– To foster dialogue between Muslim people on issues of sexual diversity and gender, articulating it in relation to a spiritual dimension or addressing it independently.

If you’d like more information you can find it on our facebook page.