Legal Assistance

Those who have migrated for reasons of sexual orientation and gender identity often need to be in contact with legal professionals to advise on the multiple legal situations that they have to confront.

At ACATHI, we put at the disposal of those seeking assistance information relative to the status of foreigners under law, including access to same-sex marriage and other types of consultations related to the LGBTI collective. We work with a team of lawyers from the NGO Coordinadora Gay Lesbian to offer free legal aid for the first visit.

Queries can be made in person, by phone +34 931 93 13 53, or by e-mail (acathi@acathi.org) for those who want to travel or migrate to Spain or Catalonia, and have doubts about the legal process and their legal status.



Attention to the difficulties and problems that affect the emotional wellbeing of people in the process of migration, those who identify as lesbian, gay, trans* or bisexual, as well as those applying for asylum or have experienced some form of persecution, is one of the objectives of the counselling service.

This service provides dedicated and confidential care by professionals who individually assist the person in question toward an appropriate solution to their specific case.

Potential topics to be addressed are numerous and include: problems with the legal situation that the person may have in regard to their legal status, family relationships, health issues (HIV/AIDS, hepatitis…) focussed around sexual orientation, gender identity, social isolation, depression and or anxiety.