Every year at ACATHI we serve more than 300 people. Of these, more than 10% are fleeing persecution and criminalisation because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. In many cases these people are also punished, assaulted and humiliated by their communities and families. This makes them live in complete isolation and helplessness.

For these reasons LGBTIQ persons have the right to request asylum in the Spanish State according to the 12/2009 law regulating the right of asylum and subsidiary protection in State.

Assistance and Support

At ACATHI we work to offer support, advice and care to asylum seekers to make sure they don’t become victims in our society. Throughout the reception process, we offer individual monitoring and full respect for their dignity, human rights and diversity.

ACATHI open groups of language classes and leisure time allow the building of new relationships in a respectful environment.

We are fighting to make our cities fairer places, defending the right to express sexual orientation and gender diversity freely.

If you need more information you can get in touch via phone: +34 931 93 13 53 or by email: