Our service seeks to bring in and acclimate people who request assistance from our network, be it for social, health or economic needs; we are at your service. We also offer advice on different types of procedural demands, requirements and general information about the processes involved.

Our goal is to ensure comprehensive care to those who need it to avoid possible situations of abandonment and social exclusion. For this reason we offer personalized follow-up attention that reinforces any requested support.

We believe in an individual’s autonomy, and with that in mind we are available to all who need the tools and necessary guidance to address administrative processes at each step. We want to draw the individual’s attention as to their capabilities and help them put them into practice.

To access this service you need only to arrange an appointment on the contact’s page or alternatively by telephone + 34 931 93 13 53


Much of the work done on advice, information and consultation is self-managed with our own means, if you want to collaborate with us through an economic contribution so that we can continue to offer our services in the same way, you can do it in the following account number:

ES53 2100 3005 4722 0045 5903