Diversitats is a radio project driven by ACATHI and supported by Ràdio Trinijove. The value of this project lies in the wealth of networking and collaboration conducted by both organisations. Thanks to this collaboration, it holds a regular weekly place in the morning that is broadcast every Wednesday from 10.00 to 12.00, representing one of the few of its kind broadcast in this time slot.

It is a radio program that addresses topics related with the inclusion of the LGBTQI collective and/or migrants through three points of view that are fundamental: those of activism, geopolitics and culture.

The program, which began in 2013, uses interviews, debates, artistic expressions and the news as tools to shape its output. It is broadcast online by Ràdio Trinijove (91.6 FM Barcelona).

Currently the team is made up of Enrique Llacer (sociologist), Toni Ponce (journalist) and Jose Boisgontier (social media manager) and offers a space for all members of ACATHI who want to share their experiences and opinions, as well as to personalities from the world of activism, culture and different fields to demonstrate their relationship with our collective.

The program Diversitats was awarded in 2016 with the Premi Consell Municipal de Benestar Social for the best radio program, recognition driven by Barcelona City Hall.




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