Sensitivity and information sharing are key to ACATHI’s work. This is why we promote ‘Living Libraries’.

What are they?

In the living library the books are people and through short conversations the participants learn to break down stereotypes. Apart from being able to get to know the person, we are able to speak, question and shed light on any doubts we might have

Why do we do them?

We believe that the power of conversation, through a shared exchange of words and face-to- face proximity, can dismantle prejudices that divide us.

How do we do them?

The living library is made up people of diverse origins and identities. The activity uses voluntary conversations as an axis between people who do not know each other, about topics related to: asylum, human rights, conflict management, health / diversity, vulnerability, LGBT, gender y migration.


When do we do them?

Over the years we have carried out a large number of living libraries, working with groups ranging from senior citizens to students and school children. We have also taken the activity to the street in the form of fairs, trade fairs and other community events.

At ACATHI we have a lot of experience organising living libraries. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in this participatory and educational activity.