Sensitivity and training are the basics for eradicating prejudices and discriminations. ACATHI puts itself at the disposal of associations, organisations, civic institutions and all types of agencies with activities dedicated to the elimination of stereotypes.

Education and Sensitivity Activities:

Living library:

When we open a book we open ourselves to a new world of exploration. In the living library the books are people and by means of short conversations participants learn to break down stereotypes. Apart from being able to get to know the person, we are able to speak, question and shed light on any doubts we might have. The themes that make up the focus of this library are unique: refugees, human rights, intercultural relations, conflict management, health/diversity, vulnerable people, LGBTI+, gender and migration.

Exhibitions (‘Violent Trans’ y ‘Weaved Stories’)

Through photography and written accounts we become familiar with the violence that trans* women live with and suffer through. This allows us to understand better the underlying causes that produce stereotypes that themselves lead to discrimination.

Training Activities, Advice and Support for Community Work

The activities that we offer take various forms according to needs:

– Technical seminars
– Conferences
– Group training capsules
– Workshops
– Support and advice

The activities that we offer develop in open spaces (streets, fares, community events…) and in closed spaces (libraries, schools, community centres), and in both cases represent places of intervention that ACATHI supports through its own experience and knowledge.

If you represent a group or organisation and you are interested in some of the services you can get in touch through the contact form.